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Switching PHP Version

cPanel Hosting

19jawebhosting supports PHP 5.3 and 5.4 on its cPanel Hosting Servers, with PHP 5.4 being the default version.


PHP 5.2 is no longer actively supported and is in the process of getting deprecated on 19jawebhosting cPanel Hosting Servers. Hence, it is recommended that you switch over to PHP 5.3 or 5.4.

In order to switch to PHP 5.3, you need to create a blank file named usealtphp (without any extension) and place it in the Home Directory (/home/<directory-name>) of your cPanel hosting package.

You may switch back to PHP 5.4 by simply deleting the usealtphp file.

Plesk Hosting

By default, 19jawebhosting supports PHP 5.2 on its Plesk Hosting Servers. In order to switch to PHP 5.3, you need to make the following changes from the Plesk panel:

  1. Login to the Plesk panel of the domain name for which you wish to switch the PHP version.

  2. Click the Website & Domains tab and then the Show Advanced Options link.

  3. Here, click the Virtual Directories link.

  4. Under the Tools section, click the PHP Settings button.

  5. Select the 5.3.21 version and click the OK button.

You may switch back to PHP 5.2 through the same process as mentioned above.

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